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The HappyLife Story

Mike and Marshall Mike Oxford Maine

In 1982, Mike DuBois and Marshall Jett met at SUNY New Paltz. Both being art majors living on a politically charged college campus, they began to create a series of political and environmental posters under the name HappyLife Productions.

In 1987 DuBois published his first line of note cards featuring his original artwork. He traveled throughout the country getting orders and establishing accounts with stores. Several people had requested these images on t-shirts and in 1988 DuBois printed his sunface design on white tees. He brought a few dozen to a Grateful Dead show and sold every one of them within an hour. He printed more and continued selling these off a table in the east village in NYC.

Printing Booth at Mountain Jam Next was a series of designs printed on t-shirts and combined with tie-dye. These became popular and sought after at Grateful Dead shows across the country. Building capital to continue designing and making new shirts became a full time job. Expanding beyond the Dead based fans and into a more diverse marketplace, HappyLife began to do trade shows, acquire sales reps and expand the product line.

Kelly Mike
In 1992 DuBois met a woman who was an artist and soon to be wife who helped kick HappyLife into high gear. By the mid 90's, they had distribution around the world. With high demand for new designs, HappyLife began to work with other artists and soon carried licensed designs from some of the best artists in the industry including Mikio, Phil Brown, Marko Shuhan, Richard Biffle and others.

Being a family owned business, HappyLife continues to grow, staying true to our roots with designs that are truly unique, quality that is consistent and customer service that can't be beat. HappyLife employs locally with all of our dye and print work being done by our family of friends.